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He served in the German Army during World War II , but was captured by the British. During his captivity in a Danish POW camp, he met a guitarist named Ladi Geisler , with whom he soon formed a small combo. After the war, he led various combos (which usually included Geisler) in The Salambo Night Club from René Durand & The Tarantella Night Club near the famous Reeperbahn . Horst also played with British Service musicians and Big Bands like Edmundo Ros. Settling in Hamburg , he became part of the burgeoning music scene in the port city. Signed to the Polydor label in the 1950s, as a Composer, Producer & Musician he made accordion and dance band music under his own name. He also started with Middle & South America music recordings under the alias of Roberto Delgado, and with Piano albums as Mister Pepper . The Delgado albums became popular in Europe, and then found an audience in the UK, Japan and North America as Polydor opened up several international subsidiaries. It’s interesting to note that Wende recorded his albums using the same group of studio musicians who recorded for Kaempfert and Last; in fact, guitarist Ladi Geisler also provided the distinct knack-bass guitar to the Kaempfert sound.

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Horst Wende - AfricanaHorst Wende - AfricanaHorst Wende - Africana